Website is a very popular online source for people interested in antivirus, security and IT/tech in general. We are online since 2013 and during this time we have built a strong brand and respectable medium, proven by following stats.

  • Huge audience  170,000+ visits and 350,000+ page views each month
  • Reliable organic source – More than 90% of the traffic is coming from the search engines (organic non-paid search)
  • Interesting unique content – Average time spent on page is 1:48
  • Global audience – 200+ countries each month; United States and India makes 30% visits
  • Domain stats – Moz Domain Authority 33.34, MozRank 4.74, Alexa Global Rank 123,906

Forms of Advertising

Below you can find out more details, including price, about the specific ad placements and types. Our recommended use is to buy an article and then drive there site traffic using banners. Ad placement options are shown on the image below.



Banners are great for branding purposes and for performance marketing when you are looking for clicks, downloads etc.

PlacementMeasurementsPage Views / MonthPrice / Month
Header468 x 60350,000$290
Sidebar300 x 300250,000$390

If you require any customization (placement, measurements) please contact us using the form below. We can basically put the banner anywhere you want and in which size you want.


Articles (reviews, interviews, guides, etc.) are advanced form of advertising with more long-term goals. They can support branding, engagement but most importantly they are still great tool for boosting your site’s positions on Google Search – they have a great impact on SEO.

PlacementAuthorExternal LinksPrice
Homepage & NewsWritten by us (unique content)3$290
Homepage & NewsWritten by you (unique content)3$190

If you want to list your own written article, it must be a unique content which is not published on any other site. Maximum number of external links (to your site, Facebook, etc.) are three per article. To comply with Google Quality Guidelines all external links are using tag rel=”nofollow”. We guarantee the article will stay on the site at least 12 months (but probably forever).


One of the simplest methods to boost your site traffic is via getting more back links. Although the SEO benefit is being questioned recently, it’s very simple yet powerful method.

PlacementPage Views / MonthPrice / Month

We guarantee maximum number of 4 links in each element (e.g. 4 links in sidebar and 4 links in footer). To comply with Google Quality Guidelines all external links are using tag rel=”nofollow”. Price per month is for one unique URL.

How to Target Our Site in Google AdWords

If you are already using Google AdWords as a marketing tool, you can easily target with your ads. To do so simply follow the steps below:

  1. Go to ‘Tools‘ » ‘Display Planner
  2. Select ‘Get inventory details for your targeting‘ and search for ‘‘ under ‘Option 1‘. Confirm by clicking on ‘Get inventory details
  3. Click on Website ‘‘ and ‘Add to ad group
  4. Set bid and budget

Alternatively you can also target our site under Display Network targeting:

  1. Click the ‘Campaigns tab at the top, and choose the campaign you want to edit
  2. Go to your ‘Display Network tab and click + Targeting
  3. Select an ad group.
  4. Click the ‘Add targeting’ drop-down menu, select ‘Placements‘ and search for ‘

For more information see detailed article ‘Add, edit, and remove managed placements‘ from Google.

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