Comparison of avast! Free Antivirus and Competition

You probably know that avast! Free Antivirus is not the only free solution on the market. Actually there are many others like:

Question is which one you should choose. Rather than detailed, long, and boring comparison of each one let’s take a look on their performance in the various independent tests and reviews.

One of the most respected entity doing such tests is AV-Comparatives. Here on “AV-Comparatives Awards Overview 2012” you can check what awards has been avast! given during the 2012. Tested means no star, one star means standard, two stars mean advanced, and three stars, the highest rating, mean advanced plus.

Another organization doing antivirus tests and reviews on regular basis is AV-TEST. Here on “AV-TEST Home User Tests Overview” you can easily check and compare how avast! is doing by selecting your operating system or vendor directly.

Comparison by Antivirus Usage

Slightly different way of looking at the antivirus market is the comparison by usage. Simply you can predict that the most popular solution will probably be the best one because everyone else is using it. According to the latest report “Antivirus Market Analysis: December 2012” from OPSWAT, the most popular vendor is AVAST followed by Microsoft, and ESET.

Antivirus Market Analysis: December 2012 from OPSWAT

You can also simply check the popular download portals like CNET or Softonic and take a look on the most popular downloads in the security section. It’s no surprise avast! Free Antivirus is leading on both of them. On CNET even among all software not just the security tools.

Update (2013-08-01): Softonic has just released a paperwork called ‘Software Trends 2013‘ and avast! proved its top1 position. It’s the Europe most downloaded software from web, not just antivirus. popular security software rank on CNET (left) and Softonic (right) for March 2013

Now if you have checked a few test results and consider avast! being a World’s most popular antivirus vendor your next step will probably lead to the Download section.

Comparison of avast! Antivirus Solutions

Besides the Free Antivirus AVAST offers another three products for protection your PC (running on Windows OS). Four products are quite many so here’s the simple comparison table which should help you to pick a product designed for your needs. According to the official website, avast! Premier is the best while avast! Internet Security is the most selling.

Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware yes yes yes yes
Remote Access yes yes yes yes
Safe Shopping & Banking no yes yes yes
Opening Risky Websites & Programs no yes yes yes
Multi-Year Licensing no yes yes yes
Firewall Against Hackers no no yes yes
Personal Identity & Data Protection no no yes yes
Anti-SPAM & Anti-Phishing no no yes yes
Automatic Software Updates no no no yes
Remote Access to Your PC no no no yes
Delete Files with No Traces Left no no no yes
Price for 1-Year License for 1 PC Free* ($0.00) $39.99 $49.99 $69.99

* Please note avast! Free Antivirus can be used only for personal and non-commercial usage. So for example if you’re a freelance writer using your PC for a living you need to get a paid-for solution.

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