Step 5 (out of 5) – Check Your Subscription Details

If you want to make sure the registration was successful just go to ‘Settings‘ » ‘Subscription‘, or right-click on the Avast systray icon and select ‘Registration information‘. The subscription window should appear and there you will see if you are registered and how many days left until the registration expires (by default it is 365 days).

Avast Free Antivirus 2017 License Registration – Subscription Details

Avast Free Antivirus 2017 License Registration – Subscription Details

In the screenshot above you see the product was registered on 15 February 2017 and will expire on 15 February 2018. That basically means you will need to follow the same process next year. Avast is free forever, so you can keep registering again and again with the same e-mail.

Get a Free 60-Day License Key (Activation Code) for Premium Products

Looking for better and enhanced protection? There is a simple way to get a free 60-day license key, even for the Avast paid products

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  1. Jango Fett Reply

    Useed Avast on a varied amount devic and nevhave i once had any security issues or problems with any of the devices i have installed Avast onto. This is a great product and maybe one day i will buy it 🙂 I recommend to anyone who ask’s what antivirus they should use 🙂

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