Besides the World’s most popular antivirus for Windows, Avast is offering a comprehensive antivirus for Apple Mac OS X (Macintosh). The product is called Avast Free Mac Security 2018 (version 11) and same as the Windows version it’s completely for free. It doesn’t even require the registration, so you can just download, install and use it without any hassle.

Avast Free Mac Security got 100% Detection Rates in both AV-TEST and AV-Comparatives Independent Test Labs

While some Mac users are still questioning the need for the antivirus/security software on OS X, we definitely recommend have Avast installed as the number of hacker attacks on Mac users is rising rapidly.

 Avast for Mac Key Features & Benefits

  • Award-winning antivirus engine with 100% detection rate (according to the independent test by AV-TEST and AV-Comparatives)
  • Real-time protection with 3 layers (File System Shield, Mail Shield, Web Shield)
  • Automatic streaming updates of the virus definitions
  • Excellent performance – very low on system resources
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Completely for free – no registration required

Avast for Mac Free Download & Installation


Avast for Mac is unfortunately not available on iTunes or App Store. But you can simply download Avast Free Mac Security using the link below:

From the Official Avast Servers

After you finish the download you can proceed with the installation. The installation process is really easy and doesn’t require any technical skills:

  1. Close the Safari browser, locate the setup file called ‘avast_free_mac_security.dmg‘ and run it
  2. Confirm the Avast License Agreement by clicking on ‘Agree
  3. You can customize the installation by clicking on ‘Customize’, click on ‘Install’ to start the installation
  4. If prompted enter the administrator name and password
  5. Once the installation is complete, you should get the confirmation screen

Please note it’s heavily recommended to uninstall any other antivirus/security software from your Mac before installing Avast.

Avast Security for Mac 2018

Avast Security for Mac 2018

Avast Security Pro for Mac – Is it worthy to pay extra?

Besides the free version of Mac antivirus, there is also a premium one called Avast Security Pro for Mac. The pro version offers two extra features

  • Wi-Fi Alerts – This feature will immediately notify you if someone connects to your Wi-Fi network. This helps you to keep hackers/neighbors out of your network.
  • Ransomware Shield – Ransomware shields keep your personal data from being encrypted without your permission.

For these, you need to pay for the premium version which costs $59.99 per year. Is it worthy? We would say yes as ransomware on Mac is on the rise and Avast offers solid protection against it.

Avast for Mac User & Experts Reviews – What others are saying?

Avast Free Mac Security is also really popular among the users and technical experts. It is by far the most downloaded Mac antivirus/security on with more than 4.5 million downloads! While other competitors don’t have even half a million (Sophos 247k, Avira 80k, Norton 30k, Kaspersky 12k, McAfee 11k, Eset 9k).


Avast Free Mac Security is the most downloaded antivirus for Mac with more than 4.5 million downloads

Avast Free Mac Security is the most downloaded antivirus for Mac with more than 4.5 million downloads

Also, the user reviews on are very positive. Avast Free Mac Security 2018 has 4.5 stars (out of 5) from 1,641users.

Avast for Mac is doing really well also in the independent tests. It has been certified with 100% detection rate by the German laboratory AV-TEST. Same results were measured also by the Austrian laboratory AV-Comparatives.

According to Tom’s Guide, Avast Free Mac Security was better in detecting viruses than the other paid solutions: ‘it was better at malware detection than all three of the paid antivirus solutions we reviewed‘.

Avast for Mac System Requirements – Will it run on your Mac?

Minimum system requirements are quite easy to comply and really nothing special. Avast Free Mac Security will run even on the older MacBooks (Air/Pro) and iMacs:

  • OS X Version: Apple Mac running macOS 10.9 (Mavericks) or newer
  • Processor: Intel-based Mac computer with 64-bit processor
  • Memory: 128 MB RAM or above (1 GB RAM or higher preferred)
  • Free space: 500 MB minimum hard disk free space

Avast for Mac Uninstall – How to remove it from your Mac?

If you decide to uninstall Avast Free Mac Security from your Mac, there is nothing special you would need to do compared to any other Mac application. To remove it simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Close Safari browser and open Avast by going to ‘Finder’ » ‘Applications’ and double-click on the Avast orange icon
  2. Open ‘Avast Mac Security‘ in the menu bar at the top-left, select ‘Uninstall Avast‘ and confirm (you may need to log in as an administrator)
  3. Wait and the uninstall process to finish and Avast Free Mac Security is completely removed

Unfortunately, there is no removal tool or uninstall utility for Mac. Avast Uninstall Utility (AvastClear) is available only for Windows.

Written by Paul B.

My name is Paul and I love Avast since the Home Edition v4.8 (2008). I am recommending it to all my friends, but I realized they don't know how to use it. So I started this site in order to help others getting maximum from this awesome antivirus. Feel free to contact me via Facebook, comments below or this form.

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  1. Christopher Sabijon Reply

    I have a premium AVAST Pro Anti Virus but can not be downloaded and not supported on macOS?

    This is the message when I am attempting to open it;

    You can’t open the application “avast_pro_antivirus_setup_online (2).exe” because Microsoft Windows applications are not supported on macOS.

  2. bob poppe Reply

    even as I paid for the avast 2-year VNP, when trying to select a location I’m invited to subscribe another time –
    even after uninstalling problems remains – apparently avast cannot b e contacted, how to remediate ?
    kind regards
    Bob POPPE

  3. Donna Reply

    Hi I used avast a lot in windows pc and loved the boot scan. How do I do a boot scan now on a mac I am running Yosemite.

  4. Jim Reply

    I downloaded the avast and it told it me it was complete and I got the green check mark. I did not get the avast icon and I can’t find it to get it to run. when I tried to download it again, it told it was already installed. Just not confident it is working

  5. Phil edwards Reply

    could you respond to my question. I downloaded the free avast security, but read there is also an avast antivirus. How does on download the antivirus? Pop-ups come everyday that avast has blocked some form of virus. Is there a way to hide the pop-ups. Thank you

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