If you are using Avast Free Mobile Security you are probably aware there is also a paid version with extra features Avast Mobile Security Premium ($1.99 monthly, or $14.99 yearly). Well, that’s not true anymore as Avast has discontinued the paid protection and added extra features to the free version. This happened together with the release of the radically redesigned version 5.

Two ex-premium features in the free version are App Locking (locks specified app with the password or gesture) and App Permissions (helps you understand what kind of data your installed apps are collecting).

On the other hand two premium features were removed – Firewall and Network Meter. In the official FAQ, Avast explains Firewall could be used only on the rooted devices (rare) and Network Meter was rarely used. Although they probably weren’t the most popular ones, few users are complaining about that in reviews on Google Play Store. 

The only paid products on Android from Avast is now Avast SecureLine (it starts as 7-day free trial).

Avast Free Mobile Security 5.0 is Now Complete Package with No Up-sells

Avast Free Mobile Security 5.0 is Now Complete Package with No Up-sells

In case you have paid for the Avast Mobile Security Premium, don’t worry. Avast will provide you a free license for Avast SecureLine (value of $19.99) as a reward for your loyalty.

Source: Tom’s Guide | Avast FAQ

Written by Paul B.

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