Together with the recent program update 9.0.2016, AVAST also updated the free Chrome plugin avast! Online Security. The latest update added a completely new feature called avast! SafePrice which automatically finds a best deal for the products you are browsing. Below is the example taken from the Amazon store.

avast! SafePrice in Action – GoPro HERO3+ for $35 Lessavast! SafePrice in Action – GoPro HERO3+ for $35 Less

Basically you go to your favourite online store and go to some specific product. avast! SafePrice search the other online retailers (including eBay) in the background and if the lower price is found, you will get the pop-up ‘Lower prices found!’ with all details. In the orange tab you will get the best deal, while the others are listed in the offers tab.

How to Disable avast! SafePrice Pop-up

If you find this feature a bit obtrusive, you can disable it for 24 hours for a) all sites, or b) just the site you are currently viewing by clicking on the settings icon and selecting one of the options.

Disabling avast! SafePrice Feature for 24 HoursDisabling avast! SafePrice Feature for 24 Hours

If you want to disable avast! SafePrice completely forever on all sites, go to avast! Online Security settings. You can get there by clicking on the green icon in your browser and selecting ‘Options’. Or by going to Extensions. Once you will there just un-check the SafePrice component and that’s it.

Disabling avast! SafePrice Feature ForeverDisabling avast! SafePrice Feature Forever

avast! Online Security Plugin Download

If you don’t have the avast! Online Security plugin in your browser, simply get it from

  • Chrome Web Store (for Google Chrome browser)
  • For Internet Explorer and Firefox it automatically comes with avast! Antivirus installation


Although we have used Google Chrome screenshots in this post, steps for disabling SafePrice are applicable for other major browsers (i.e. Internet Explorer and Firefox).

Written by Paul B.

My name is Paul and I love Avast since the Home Edition v4.8 (2008). I am recommending it to all my friends, but I realized they don't know how to use it. So I started this site in order to help others getting maximum from this awesome antivirus. Feel free to contact me via Facebook, comments below or this form.

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  1. Marianne C Reply

    Safe Price is not a “feature.” It is an unwanted and unwelcome intrusion and tracker. No matter how many times I remove this pest, Avast keeps reinstalling it. It is nothing but a browser hijacker.

    I remove it using IOBit Uninstaller, in case anyone else has had trouble killing the dirty little beast.

    Avast should be ashamed of foisting this crapware off on people who trusted Avast as protection AGAINST infections.

  2. sandhill Reply

    Does “SafePrice” mean a price for a safe product, too, because there can be reasons for cut price.

  3. The Claw Reply

    I see the latest version upgrade of Avast has re-enabled this SafePrice malware after I explicitly disabled it. Do they not understand that the reason I installed Avast was to try to AVOID malware being injected into my system??

  4. Bob Reply

    Well nothing good lasts forever. Too good to be true. Yadayada yada. 10 years I’ve used your product! 10 years I’ve recommended your product to everyone I know! 10 years, I have personally PUT YOUR PRODUCT on OTHER peoples computer! I happen to be a network admin. When did the ads start? The annoying pop ups? 2 years ago? I told everybody, don’t worry about it. They’ve always been great to me and every one I know. Best anti-virus on the market. Don’t worry, I said. Just pay for premium if it’s that bothersome. But now…. this. What IS this? I didn’t ask for it. Was it included in the fine print? Virus protect, adware included? And of all the places to advertise, EBAY? Really? Oh that’s a REAL RELIABLE place to send people! How much did Ebay pay you for this? Hope it was enough. Because now, you’re losing members left and right. Funny how fast the people of the Internet can turn on a company that was once true to its ways but then lost its way… just like that, a good thing is over. And now Avast is just like the rest of them. Time to find a better solution. And I’ll be sure to tell everyone I know to uninstall it. What a shame…

    • Kim Reply

      Agree, Avast is increasingly behaving like any other spamming company. Yesterday I struggled for at least ½ hour to disable automatica renewal of the subscription.
      It is not possible to log in with username and password and disable it from your profile. No no no, you have to find the receipt from last time it was renewed and find a password on that. Smart trick! They just want it to be difficult.
      About the Safe price I have not yet managed to remove it – only disable it. Definately last time ever I use Avast

  5. Marianne Reply

    When I click the green “a” in Firefox, I don’t get a pulldown with options like you show in your diagram. Would that be because I already have safe price disabled for the next 24 hours or what? I have been trying to get rid of this since it was included in an update and am unable to.

  6. Neil Reply

    I have used avast for years, but I will no longer use it as it has become too intrusive. SAFE PRICE was the last straw.

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