We love Avast and that’s why we have decided to offer a completely free support and customer service for all consumer products: Free Antivirus, Pro Antivirus, Internet Security, Premier, GrimeFighter and SecureLine VPN.

We will do our best to answer and help you with the technical related questions. Unfortunately we can’t help you with the billing and status order questions. Also we are not able to process an order refund. For these you need to go directly to Avast.

Before submitting your support ticket, please make sure there isn’t a similar questions already answered. You can use the search function or browser the related category manually. Also you can check our list of how-to articles. Our step-by-step guides include many useful tips and more importantly also a screenshots.

Once again please note we are not an official Avast support.

Official Avast Support & Customer Service

Phone Support

Call toll-free (from United States) number 1-866-951-7679 for installation, configuration, and trouble-shooting. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Individual Support via Ticket – For Billing Questions and Refund Requests

Go to official Avast Customer & Technical Support, where you can submit a ticket directly to the customer support department. It’s totally free.

Avast Forum

Another great support area is the Official Avast Forum, where you can get a quick response from many of the avast! evangelists who love to help others. And same as the support tickets it’s totally free.

Our How-tos and Help

Written by Paul B.

My name is Paul and I love Avast since the Home Edition v4.8 (2008). I am recommending it to all my friends, but I realized they don't know how to use it. So I started this site in order to help others getting maximum from this awesome antivirus. Feel free to contact me via Facebook, comments below or this form.

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  1. arthur dolle Reply

    I am want to cancel auto payment but can,t find information on process. you seem to have a good product and don,t want give you a bad review

  2. Bernie Bernhardt Reply

    I have been an Avast customer for some time now however lately their quality of service leaves alot to be desired. Have contacted then direct by email several times during the last week or so but no reply. It would be good if my request can be resolved or at least replied to

  3. Lauren Reply

    HI there,
    got new Asus PC and it automatically installed a McAfree trial to my computer. I keep getting reviews that you don’t want to use that software as a anti virus and that Avast is the way to go – I’ve tried to install onto computer whilst uninstalling McAfree and it comes up with a Error…
    here’s the basic URL that’s causing the error…

    C:\users\laure\AppData\local\temp\- blah blah blah invalid signature ?

    How do I fix this so I can install Avast?

  4. Viverlin Fagan Reply

    September 9th I download Free Avast 30 days Anti virus, thank you very much. 18th September I was offered cover for my pass word and something else, at the price of £14.99. I thought it was odd because why didn’t the free cover cover my pass word as well, nevertheless I paid the £14.99 and thought that was that. I receive an activation number but no instruction on how to use it. I’ve also paid £54.98 for two years Anti virus cover when the Free cover ran out but I’m constantly told that my pass word is unprotected and the prompting to buy cover which I have already bought. I am not quite sure what to do, when I phone the Avast no. I am unable to get any answer. I need help.

  5. Lynda Reply

    I have tried to cancel my subscription to Avast without success. I have no option now but to cancel my credit card and get a new one. I will never use Avast again and I will certainly not recommend it for the simple reason that I can’t get rid of it when I want to. And, don’t mess around with my email address either!!

  6. Liora Reply

    I cannot buy Avast because it demands ALL my details. Email is not enough for them, they want my mobile, my home address and country, as if they are at least the FBI

  7. Mark Zudeck Reply

    It’s disgusting that you use customer’s email to flog your product by adding a plug at the end of the message. You have made Avast itself into a virus.

  8. Angeline Reply

    Hello, I need help. I was calling the technician in Avast yesterday. He said something that freaks me out and I wonder if it is true. He remotely controlled my computer, open the avast software>tool>your stats>component status. He said there are 20 people hacking my computer and using my wifi, because the number of connection to unsecure wifi is 20 (see attached pic). I was very shocked and scared, and the guy over the phone offered me a discount for professional help in avast at 179.99. I did not take the offer immediately cause I doubt if what he said is true. So I wonder if anyone here can help me. Can anyone tell me what is the meaning of the number of connection to unsecure wifi? Many thanks.

    • Angeline Reply

      sorry for cross-posting the same message in fb and here. I got my answer in fb. Special thanks to the person who replied me in fb. I really appreciate it.

      • Ken Reply

        So what was the answer? My stats page says 1 connection to unsecured wi-fi, but the computer that Avast is installed on is wired (it has a built in wi-fi card but it is disabled in Windows settings) and my wi-fi router uses WPA encryption. Clicking the link on the stats page doesn’t give any useful info, it just opens a page to subscribe to the VPN service.

  9. cathy mains Reply

    So I signed up for auto pay and on january first it stated I had no security from avast because it was time to renew. I paid on line with my credit card on jan 6 2016 two days later avast auto renewed charge for the exact same amount. Now if it is autopay then you should not stop securing me till the auto pay goes in effect. I have stopped autopay but you owe me a refund on my card my my account number is 15957547500 please email me when this has been done. I like avast and would like to stay. I do not like being charged double. The woman on the phone gave me a website that was not valis goo.gll/2Ru5n

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