Quite a lot of avast! users are asking how to disable (turn off) the pop-ups and notifications which can be sometimes a bit annoying. Mostly in the latest version 2014 (or 9) which came with the features like Software Updater, SecureLine, or GrimeFighter. These features are extremely useful however its everyday pushing pop-ups may be too much. Anyway here are a few simple tips on how to disable those obtrusive notifications.

For an easier navigation in this guide use the quick links below

  1. Disable Pop-up after Virus Definitions Update
  2. Disable Software Updater Pop-up
  3. Disable Sales/Upgrade Pop-ups
  4. Disable avast! SecureLine Pop-ups
  5. Disable avast! GrimeFighter Pop-ups
  6. Disable Security Report Pop-ups
  7. Set the Pop-ups Duration to One Second
  8. Turn On the Silent/Gaming Mode
  9. Remove Specific Components Causing the Pop-ups
  10. RECOMMENDED Upgrade Your Protection

1) Disable Pop-up after Virus Definitions Update

This pop-up notification is probably the most known one. It has grey background with blue button (in older version it was all green with grey button) and every time it comes, the avast! lady will start “avast! virus database has been updated”. This notification is displayed every time your program gets automatically updated with the latest database of virus definitions – which may be up to two times a day.

avast! 2014 Virus Definitions Update Pop-upavast! 2014 Virus Definitions Update Pop-up

As the update itself is very vital, the notification, and sound may be not. So here’s very simple tip how to turn it off while keep your antivirus still udpated in the background.

Simply open your program and navigate to ‘Settings’ in the left-side menu. Find menu item ‘Update’ (fifth from top) and look for section ‘Details’. There you will find an option ‘Show notification box after automatic update’. It’s obviously checked by default so just uncheck it. That’s it, you should never see this pop-up again. Also you can disable notifications if any error occurs during the update process.

Disabling Pop-up After Virus Definitions Update in the avast! 2014Disabling Pop-up After Virus Definitions Update in the avast! 2014

2) Disable Software Updater Pop-up

This tip is related only to Software Updater pop-ups. It basically pop-up only if you have some software on your computer out-dated. But this could be very annoying as some programs may have new version every single day. Wise solution is to ignore only those programs while keep tracking others.

avast! 2014 Software Updater Pop-upavast! 2014 Software Updater Pop-up

If you are running version 2014 there is really simple way how to turn off those Software Updater notifications. Open the program interface, click on ‘Settings’, click on ‘Tools’, find ‘Software Updater’ and click on ‘Customize’. There just un-check the option ‘Notifications (popups) enabled’, and you will never see the Software Updater pop-up again. If you are still running on version 8 you have to update to version 2014, or follow the steps below.

Disabling Software Updater Pop-up in the avast! 2014Disabling Software Updater Pop-up in the avast! 2014

In order to ignore specific programs you have to go to Software Updater tool which is accessible from ‘Tools’ » ‘Software Updater’ in the main window. Once you’re there find the program which updates you want to ignore, click on ‘Ignore Updates’ and that’s it. Similarly if you want to start tracking updates of this program again click on ‘Stop ignoring’.

Disabling Specific Programs in Software Updater in the avast! 2014Disabling Specific Programs in Software Updater in the avast! 2014

Alternatively you can remove the Software Updater component from your avast! entirely. For more details about stopping the Software Updater pop-ups check out this page – ‘How to Disable/Remove avast! Software Updater from avast! Antivirus‘.

3) Disable Sales/Upgrade Pop-ups

From time to time you could see a sales pop-up from avast! offering you a good deal for an upgrade. It seems that most of these sales pop-ups are related to virus definitions update. So you can just do the same thing as for disabling the pop-up after virus definitions update. That should help to keep your avast! Free Antivirus ad-free.

avast! 2014 Sales/Upgrade Pop-up on St. Patrick's Dayavast! 2014 Sales/Upgrade Pop-up on St. Patrick’s Day

avast! 2014 Seasonal Sale Pop-upavast! 2014 Seasonal Sale Pop-up

On the other hand avast! sometimes offers a great deal during those campaigns. For example you could get avast! Pro Antivirus for $10, or avast! Internet Security for $20. These would be shame to miss as usually it’s time-limited offers.

4) Disable avast! SecureLine VPN Pop-ups

Since the avast! SecureLine VPN has been launched, you can see some SecureLine offers in your avast! Free Antivirus, or even in the paid products like avast! Internet Security. Basically these pop-ups are, same as the sales/upgrade ones, tight up to the virus definitions update. So just follow the insctruction for disabling the pop-up after virus definitions update.

avast! 2014 SecureLine VPN Pop-up Against NSAavast! 2014 SecureLine VPN Pop-up Against NSA

There is also another type of the avast! SecureLine VPN notifications. They come up if you are doing any dangerous activity related to Wi-Fi network. For example when you are connecting to a public Wi-Fi on the airport you will get a notification ‘Unsecured Wi-Fi network detected’. Usually these notifications come with the option ‘Don’t show again’, so just check it and you should never see the pop-up again on the particular network.

5) Disable avast! GrimeFighter Pop-ups

Also the latest addition to avast! product portfolio, avast! GrimeFighter (system optimization tool), is being heavily offered through the avast! Free Antivirus pop-ups. The small notification says ‘Performance Alert! We found XX bits of evidence that Grime is slowing down your computer’ and provides more details about the issues.

avast! 2014 GrimeFighter Pop-upavast! 2014 GrimeFighter Pop-up

Basically there are two ways how to get rid of these alerts. First is pretty straightforward. Open your avast! antivirus interface and go to ‘Settings’ » ‘Tools’ » ‘GrimeFighter’ and click on ‘Customize’ button. There you will see a checked option ‘Always test this computer for Grime’. Simply un-check it and that’s it. Also you can modify the further settings and set the pop-up to be displayed only when specific amount of issues is found, or how often do you want to be notified. Please note this approach requires you have the latest update 9.0.2016 installed.

Disabling GrimeFighter Pop-up in the avast! 2014Disabling GrimeFighter Pop-up in the avast! 2014

Second way is more ‘brutal’ as you can completely remove the GrimeFighter component from your avast! antivirus.

6) Disable Security Report Pop-up

Note: These pop-ups are present only in the avast! version 2013 (8). If you are using the latest version 2014 you won’t see them.

Once in a month you should get a pop-up notification called ‘AVAST Security Report’. For someone it may be interesting to see, while for someone else it’s totally useless. Good thing is that you can simply disable it.

avast! 2013 Security Report Pop-upavast! 2013 Security Report Pop-up

Just open your program and click on ‘Settings’ in the top-right area (below the close button). When the settings window opens you need to go to section ‘Popups’, and at the top you will find a box ‘SECURITY REPORTS’ with checked option ‘Show monthly security reports’. Simply un-check it and you should never see this pop-up again.

7) Set the Pop-ups Duration to One Second

By default all notifications are set to be visible for 20 seconds. So if you setup some notification to be displayed for 1 (one) second, this notification will then appear only for a single second on your desktop. That is quite acceptable.

Setting Pop-ups Duration to One Second in the avast! 2014Setting Pop-ups Duration to One Second in the avast! 2014

To do this you have to open your program and click on ‘Settings’. When the settings window opens you need to go to ‘Appearance’ and look for the section ‘Popups’. There you’ll see four types of pop-up notifications – Info (blue) which includes Software Updater pop-ups, Update (green) which incudes pop-ups after virus definition update, Warning (orange), and Alert (red). We suggest to left the warnings, and alerts settings as they are.

8) Turn On the Silent/Gaming Mode

Another way how to disable all pop-ups and notifications completely is to turn on the so-called ‘Silent/Gaming Mode’ in your avast! antivirus. This mode basically means you won’t even know you have the avast! antivirus on your computer although you will be actually still protected. Very comfortable, isn’t it?

Turning on the Silent/Gaming Mode in the avast! 2014Turning on the Silent/Gaming Mode in the avast! 2014

If you want to turn on this mode you have to go to ‘Settings’ » ‘General’ and find item ‘Silent/Gaming Mode’. Simply tick the box and the mode is turned on. Turning on this mode can also be done using the avast! systray icon. Just right-click on it and left-click on ‘Silent/gaming mode’. That’s it since now you won’t see any systray pop-up notification from avast! antivirus.

9) Remove Specific Components Causing the Pop-ups

You can also remove from your avast! antivirus the specific components/tools which are causing the pop-ups. Especially the Software Updater, SecureLine VPN, or GrimeFighter. By removing them you can be sure you won’t see any pop-ups related. On the other you will lose the features they are bringing. So our suggestion is to keep them installed and adjust their pop-ups using the above instructions. But anyway here are steps how to remove them.

Removing Specific Components from the avast! 2014Removing Specific Components from the avast! 2014

Go to the Windows Control Panel, find ‘Programs’ and click on ‘Uninstall a program’. In the list of installed programs find avast! Antivirus you are using, and click on ‘Uninstall/Change’. The avast! Setup should appear, there go to ‘Change’ and click on ‘Continue’ button. Now you should see the full list of compoments/tools installed. Simply just un-check the ones you want to remove and click on ‘Continue’. After successful removal you should get the message ‘The product was successfuly updated’, then just click on ‘Done’.

Similar thing can be done when the new installation is performed. You just have to select the custom one and un-check the specific components so they won’t be even installed.

10) Upgrade Your Protection

If you are using the avast! Free Antivirus you are targeted simply because you are using the free version. Therefore we recommend to increase your protection to any of the paid products which are completely ad-free. Plus we have a great 20% discount so you can get the avast! Pro Antivirus for only $31.99.

Go to our downloads, do a little investment, increase your protection, and have a peace of mind.


Although we have used avast! Free Antivirus 2014 screenshots in this article, steps are applicable for all avast! antivirus solutions (i.e. avast! Pro Antivirus, avast! Internet Security, or avast! Premier).

Also please note these steps work only for the pop-up notifications which are being displayed in the bottom-rightcorner (systray) of your Windows. They don’t apply to expiring notifications (i.e. ‘Your Antivirus Will Expire in 10 Days’) as there is no way how to disable them.

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  1. Morpheus Clerk Reply

    is there a way to change the location or position of avast popups from the bottom right corner of the screen to , say, the top right area of the screen. I have a laptop with a partially dysfunctioning screen and cannot see the popups, just the top portion and i have been unable to grab and drop or place the screen in a manner to grant or deny an application that needs permission. Thank you for a wonderful program, Arrrr!

    • getavast.net Reply

      Hey Morpheus,

      Unfortunatelly we aren’t aware of anything like changing the pop-up positions.

  2. Heather Reply

    “How to Disable avast! Pop-up Notifications (Software Updater, Virus Definitions) | getavast.

    net” was in fact a excellent post. If
    perhaps it had much more pictures it would most likely be
    possibly even more effective. Take care -Phil

  3. Robbie Reply

    Wow! Very clearly explained. Those pop-ups were really annoying me. I was even thinking of uninstalling Avast which I have used for years.

  4. Luke Reply

    Your screen shots look nothing like my Avast Free 2014. The options are far less extensive in my version, and the options to control the pop ups much fewer, and I can’t seem to block the offer pop ups.

    Are your screenshots definitely from Avast Free? Why so different from mine?

    My version 2014.9.0.2006

  5. Momster Reply

    Thanks! After program update a month ago, we were considering uninstalling because of so many popups. Seems like they threw in more (maybe not, but seemed like it.) They were beginning to drive us crazy and they really hadn’t before then. Hope this works or Avast – thar she blows, mateys!

  6. poorna prakash Reply

    How can I COMPLETELY get rid of offer pop ups ?? Its quite annoying to see that offer pop ups every few hours. If the offer pop ups are not removed I am forced to switch to other anti virus software.

    • getavast.net Reply

      Hi there, try ’1) Disable ‘Green’ Pop-up after Virus Database Update (VPS)’. Hope it helps.

  7. Tony Reply

    The quickest way to disable pop ups is to

    If you would like to completely disable all of avast! pop-ups, the fastest way how to do that is to right click on the avast! icon in task bar at the right bottom corner of your screen and select “Silent/gaming mode”.
    That will disable all avast! pop-ups.

    • Janie Reply

      Thanks, Tony–That was just what I needed to know! *Crosses fingers that it works*

  8. Shivani Reply

    I installed avast antivirus software.But now i have problem that there are continously display one msg that your file is damaged by autorun virus. But there is also displayed that no procedure or modification required. Now what can i do for that?

  9. Pete Reply

    This is getting ridiculous. Several times every day, I get the popups about buying their different products. I think it’s time to find another AV program.

    • getavast.net Reply

      Hey Pete, why you just don’t disable the pop-ups? Solution is right here.

  10. Matt Reply

    I agree with others that this has been such an irritation that I have considered getting rid of avast. The biggest annoyance remains: Giant Green “This site is safe” pop ups in google search results. It is needless and thoroughly aggravating. The little green symbol is too big, but the giant pop-up is constant on accidental mouse-over.

    • SlyCooperFan1 Reply

      This is because of the browser extension that avast! installs onto your computer. It can be disabled separately from the program itself by going into your browser’s extension/add-on settings and finding any avast! plugins and disabling them.

  11. Liam Reply

    I don’t understand number 3. Or is it that if you have done number one, that also counts for number 3?

  12. Zippy Reply

    Thanks for this very useful page! Avast is indeed the best, but it’s great to know how to configure it like this.

  13. Eric Reply

    I wonder how many people stop using the software because of those obnoxious announcements about the database being updated?
    It is one thing to have a free program be obnoxious and other to pay for the annoyance. Leaves a bad impression. Unless you’ve done some market research to prove the voice/pop-ups are good advertising and have a positive ROI, I’m willing to bet that you lose more customers than you gain.

  14. Jennie Reply

    Wonderful article thanks so much I was able to use several of your suggestions. Now can you do an article same subject on Comodo? Am so disappointed in both of these companies. For years I have recommended Avast for anti virus & Comodo for firewall. But NO MORE! I am on the look out for two others that cooperate well together. I use the free versions of both. The latest updates of both Avast & Comodo is chucked full of bloatware that you have to be really savvy & pay very close attention when installing updates, choosing customize on both so you can uncheck all that added in stuff. Then once you get it installed hopefully w/o anything that hitchhiked its way in. You have to deal with ads for other products. Comodo also added with it’s last update a widget that sits on your desktop at all times w/ annoying graphics showing activity. It took me a minute or two to figure out how to remove that widget but the fact that they are doing this along with Avast just makes you lose all respect & trust in these once very reliable trustworthy programs. If anyone has ideas on how to do the same for Comodo please let me know.

  15. google adwords account Reply

    It’s really a cool and useful piece of info. I’m glad that you just shared this useful information with us.
    Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Ingrid Reply

    Thank you. Saved me the trouble of having to acquire another anti-virus. I would NEVER pay for Avast after being subjected to all those pop-ups and that Grimefinder come on.

  17. Jack Reply

    I have show notification box of automatic update of definitions enabled but the popup box never appears.
    Un-installed and re-installed Avast but still no notifications appear.
    Same issue on another PC, only recently started not popping up.
    Manual check shows that Avast is updating but no notification now.
    Know this is the reverse situation of this post but any ideas?

    • getavast.net Reply

      Hi Jack,

      Are you getting any other pop-ups (Software Updater, GrimeFighter)? Check if your avast! is not in the Silent/Gaming Mode.

      • Jack Reply

        Software Updater and Grime Fighter both disabled so no popups from them.
        Silent mode only if a full screen application running enabled.
        Only popup notifications I receive are for deals to upgrade to fully paid up version of Avast & other offers.
        The only time I got an automatic update notification was on first restart after installing.
        Very odd.

  18. Jack Reply

    I uninstalled Avast and removed all entries from registry, re-installed Avast with recommended settings.
    After this the update notifications returned.
    However as soon as I registered the product the update notification popups stopped again.

  19. Debs Reply

    How do I get rid of the offers/vouchers for shopping that pop up when I am looking to buy something??

  20. Nate Reply

    Just like you I completely uninstalled AVAST because those popups are really annoying.
    I’ve been using AVAST in a while but it’s getting worse everytime it gets updated to a new version.
    I junk AVAST and installed MSE and Malwarebytes.

    • getavast.net Reply

      Sorry to hear that Nate. However you can disable most of the avast! pop-ups if you will follow this article.

  21. Juliet Reply

    Stop that artificial pop up ads of avast that appears on my screen unless you don’t want me to us my CP anymore.
    It seems like some people don’t like peacefull life. They give water when you need oil.
    I have activated an antivirus authomatically, why disturbing me with another avast ads just like the radio Biafra night keeper who pops up the flag to let me know that they have eyes on me.
    Please if i am owing someone, let him tell me and i will pay. You can see from me that i am tempered.
    Thanks for giving this chance to express my feelings.

  22. John Fraser Reply

    I have followed the instructions and continue to get pop ads several times per hour. I am going to replace Avast Premier due to complete failure of response from this company. After years of successful service, this is a disappointment.

    • getavast.net Reply

      Hi John,

      We are sorry to hear this! What pop-up exactly have you been getting?

  23. John B Reply

    At Login for email, pop up comes up as follows: Did you mean avast.com ?
    This is probably not the site you were trying to enter.
    Automatically take me to known correct sites from now on
    No, I really did mean email.nfp.comYes

    It will not go away and prevents me from logging on. How do I get rid of it

    • getavast.net Reply

      Hi John,

      We believe you are talking about the SiteCorrect feature of avast! Online Security browser plugin. Simply go to plugin settings by right-clicking on the green avast! ball icon in your browser, select ‘Options’, then un-check SiteCorrect and click on ‘Save’. This should disable it.

  24. hi Reply

    you can also go to the settings and scroll down and turn on silent mode to turn off all pop-ups

  25. Karen Reply

    Ever since I installed Avast there is a pop up on my screen every few seconds or so that has a pic of a dvd and says “Entertainment Mode”. My screen gets brighter when this happens and it is really annoying. How do I get rid of this?

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