Sometimes Avast Antivirus may be blocking you from running a program or accessing web page, which you know is totally safe. Usually it’s because of the low application occurrence within the Avast community. Therefore, Avast can’t properly tell if the program is safe or not, and will try to protect you.

Also, Avast detects so-called ‘Potentially Unwanted Programs‘, which are actually wanted in some cases, and so-called ‘False-Positives‘, which means the program is safe but Avast’s detection is wrong. Unfortunately this often happens with popular games and services like League of Legends (LoL), Steam, GoG Galaxy, MinecraftuTorrentBitTorrent, Windows Update, Google, Java, Chrome and other launchers which are being often updated. Usually the false-positive detection lasts only a few hours, but can be very annoying.

When Avast blocks something, you will always get a pop-up notification informing you about the threat.

Avast 2016 Web Shield Has Blocked a Threat Pop-upAvast 2016 Web Shield Has Blocked a Threat Pop-up

Solution/Fix for the Invalid Certificate Issue Caused by the HTTPS Scan

Recently lot of Avast users (especially the ones running Windows XP) are experienced an issue when Avast has been blocking several major websites because of the invalid certificate. The full message on the pop-up is ‘Avast Web Shield has blocked access to this page because the following certificate is invalid: [name of the certificate]‘.

To fix this try one of the following actions:

Disabling HTTPS Scanning in Avast 2016 Web Shield SettingsDisabling HTTPS Scanning in Avast 2016 Web Shield Settings

Solution/Fix When Avast is Blocking Internet Connection Completely

Sometimes Avast may even block completely the Internet access so user is not able to visit any website. If this happens to you, try one of the following actions:

  • Update your Avast to latest version available
  • Repair your Avast installation by going to Programs » Uninstall a program » Avast » select Repair and restart your computer
  • Disable HTTPS scanning by going to settings » Active Protection » Web Shield » Customize » Main settings » Un-check ‘Enable HTTPS scanning‘ and restart your computer

Solution/Fix When Avast is Blocking Specific Website, Program or Game

There are two ways to unblock any program or website from Avast blocking. Please note, you should do it only if you are 100% sure the blocked file is safe for you and your computer. Even if you own the blocked site, doesn’t mean it wasn’t hacked and injected with dangerous malware. For checking the program/file with other Antivirus vendors, you can use online detection at VirusTotal.

1. Add Blocked Program or Website to Exclusion List (Whitelist) to Unblock it

Using the exceptions in Avast you can simply add any file or URL to the list of exclusions and exclude it from scanning and shield protection, therefore also from blocking. For more information about adding exceptions, check our full guide ‘How to Add File/Website Exception into Avast Antivirus 2016‘.

Adding File/Folder/Program/Website URL Exception into Avast 2016Adding File/Folder/Program/Website URL Exception into Avast 2016

2. Temporarily Turn Off Avast Protection

If you want install or run a program but it’s being blocked by Avast you can simply turn off Avast shields for a short period of time. For more information about turning off Avast or it’s shields, check our full guide ‘How to Turn Off (Pause, Disable) Shields in Avast Antivirus 2016‘.

Temporarily Disabling Avast Protection from the Windows TrayTemporarily Disabling Avast Protection from the Windows Tray

3. Report a False Positive Detection to Avast

We also strongly suggest to report the detection you believe is a false positive directly to Avast team. They will look into it and eventually confirm the reported file, software, or website is clean.

Link to report is included on every in-product pop-up displayed when the harmful webpage or file is blocked. Just click on ‘Report the file as a false positive‘.

Avast Web Shield Has Blocked a Harmful Webpage or File Pop-upAvast Web Shield Has Blocked a Harmful Webpage or File Pop-up

Then you need to fill-in following simple form. In the additional info you can add a link from VirusTotal scan. Don’t forget to check the option ‘I know what I’m doing‘ and click on ‘Submit‘.

Avast In-product Form for Reporting False Positive Detection of Files or Websites

Avast In-product Form for Reporting False Positive Detection of Files or Websites

Alternatively you can use the official web form for reporting false positive detection.

Official Avast Web Form for Reporting False Positive Detection of Files or WebsitesOfficial Avast Web Form for Reporting False Positive Detection of Files or Websites

Additional Notes

Although we have used Avast Free Antivirus 2016 screenshots in this article, these steps are also applicable for all Avast Antivirus solutions (i.e. also for Avast Pro Antivirus, Avast Internet Security, or Avast Premier) running the latest version available.

Steps are relevant for all Windows versions – Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 (including Anniversary Update).

Managing exceptions or turning off Avast protection may leave your computer at risk.

Written by Paul B. | Team

My name is Paul and I love Avast since the Home Edition v4.8 (2008). I am recommending it to all my friends, but I realized they don't know how to use it. So I started this site in order to help others getting maximum from this awesome antivirus. Feel free to contact me via Facebook, comments below or this form.

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  1. M. Narunsky Reply

    When Avast blocked my access to The Jerusalem Post, and I spent almost a whole day trying to solve the problem – to no avail – I simply uninstalled Avast and downloaded and installed another brand of free antivirus software, and I haven’t had a problem since.

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