Typically most of the antivirus vendors are recommending to run a full system scan regularly once a week. This may be quite complicated as the full scan usually takes around 30 minutes. Of course you can still work during the scan process, but the whole computer is usually running slowly.

However Avast has a solution called scan scheduling. You can schedule an automatic scan which will be performed daily, weekly or monthly.

Scheduling the automatic scan you can keep your computer clean without wasting your precious time. Scanning and cleaning is fully automatic, so you don’t even need to be at your PC during the process. You can setup which actions will be performed when the scan finds a virus.

Ready to schedule your first scan? Follow these 4 simple steps.

Quick Summary

  1. Open your Avast and go to Protection> Antivirus
  2. Find Full Virus Scan and click on clock icon
  3. Once Scheduling settings appear, tick Schedule this scan (we recommend Weekly)
  4. Confirm by clicking ‘OK’

Read more detailed steps and other options including screenshots below

1. Open Your Avast and go to Scan Overview

Open your Avast from the Windows tray or the program menu. Go to section ‘Protection‘ and select ‘Antivirus‘. From the tiles select the middle one saying ‘Run Full Virus Scan‘ and click on the clock icon as shown on the screenshot below.

Scheduling an Automatic Scan in Avast 2017 – Scan Overview

Scheduling an Automatic Scan in Avast 2017 – Scan Overview

2. Schedule a Period and Time of the Automatic Scan

Once the scan settings are opened, navigate to last item called ‘Scheduling‘. Tick option ‘Schedule this scan‘ and select the period in ‘Schedule Type‘. You can chose from once, daily, weekly or monthly. We recommend selecting ‘Weekly‘.

Also we recommend selecting ‘Wake up the system to start the scan (if in sleep mode)‘ to make sure the scan will start even if your system is in the sleep mode. Launch time and day is really up to you, but please keep in mind your computer needs to be turned on so the scan can start.

Scheduling an Automatic Scan in Avast 2017 – Scan Scheduling

Scheduling an Automatic Scan in Avast 2017 – Scan Scheduling

3. Setup Automatic Actions During the Scan

Once your scan is scheduled move to section ‘Actions‘ to setup the automatic actions when the threat is found. First of all you need to select the option ‘Automatically apply actions during scan (check this box to select an action)‘.

Then select what type of action should be performed. We recommend following settings for viruses, PUPs (potentially unwanted programs) and suspicious files

  1. Fix automatically
  2. Move to Chest
  3. Delete
Scheduling an Automatic Scan in Avast 2017 – Scan Actions

Scheduling an Automatic Scan in Avast 2017 – Scan Actions

4. Check the Scan History (Log) for the Results

When the scheduled time passes you should check the scan log to see if some viruses were found. Open your Avast interface and go to ‘Protection‘ » ‘Antivirus‘ and click on ‘Scan history‘ in the bottom part of the window.

You should get the same window as shown below. Find the latest scan and make sure it is the one which ran automatically. In the scan details below you can see how long did the scan take, how many files/folders were scanned, amount of tested data and most importantly the number of infected files.

Scheduling an Automatic Scan in Avast 2017 – Scan History

Scheduling an Automatic Scan in Avast 2017 – Scan History

To get more details about detected threats click on the blue button ‘Detailed report‘.  Following window should appear with the list of found threats and their severity.

Scheduling an Automatic Scan in Avast 2016 – Detailed Scan ResultsScheduling an Automatic Scan in Avast 2016 – Detailed Scan Results

Now you have setup a pretty good automatic scan which will keep your computer clean without bothering you. From time to time we only suggest to check the scan logs if everything is working as should.

Additional Notes

Although we have used Avast Free Antivirus 2019 screenshots in this article, these steps are also applicable for all Avast Antivirus solutions (i.e. also for Avast Pro Antivirus, Avast Internet Security, or Avast Premier) running the latest version available.

Steps are relevant for all Windows versions – Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 (including Anniversary Update).

Written by Paul B.

My name is Paul and I love Avast since the Home Edition v4.8 (2008). I am recommending it to all my friends, but I realized they don't know how to use it. So I started this site in order to help others getting maximum from this awesome antivirus. Feel free to contact me via Facebook, comments below or this form.

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  1. Tiffany Reply

    Where’s this clock? Or even the option to change the scheduling on these scans? My version of Avast doesn’t even remotely match these screenshots and it’s up to date. Please update article or advise if they removed the option to schedule or edit already existing scheduled scans.

  2. Disgruntled Reply

    It appears that the information for “How to Schedule an Automatic Scan in Avast Antivirus 2019” was already obsolete by first day of 2019. LOL. Seriously Avast, get your act together. Your AV now takes more than six hours to complete and I’d like to reschedule it earlier. (It used to be done by the time I woke up.)

  3. Cheryl F. Reply

    I have been using Avast Protection for more than 7 years.

    I had to replace my hard drive, so I downloaded AVAST…

    Where is the clock to schedule scans for my computer???

  4. Small Business User Reply

    What you describe here is how Avast worked 2 weeks ago. These screen shots do not apply to the free version of Avast Antivirus. For instance, there is no longer a “Scheduling” option. However, under Protection –> Virus Scans, there is a clock next to the “Settings” link, which still shows the time we had scheduled for the scan.

    Today, my coworker was scammed into running a full scan, even though the schedule is for Tuesday nights, and he lost nearly 3 hours of work from the scan.

    We’re considering trying to reinstall the older version of Avast, as this Jan 2019 version has removed our ability to schedule scans, and is no longer as clear about what is going on for the less experienced.

    • Cherie Reply

      I’m looking for information about this, too. I use the free version at home and at work and I cannot find a setting to schedule a scan on either computer anymore. The automatic scan I set up at work seems to still be running at 9:15 on Wednesday nights, but I couldn’t find the setting to confirm that it’s still set up properly. Very frustrating!

  5. Russ Reply

    The latest Avast updates have eliminated the Quick Scan. Very sad!
    Also, even though I have the schedule set up to power down the computer after the scan completes, it no longer does that.
    Do you know how to fix this issue?

    • Obrien Williams Reply

      I can’t use the scheduling for the full virus scan anymore what’s going on? The newest update got rid of it.

  6. Wallace Cason Reply

    I have Avast Premier 2017. The FAQ for scheduling a scan does not work, because there is no button for “Scan,” no button for “Scan for viruses,” nor “Settings” for “Scan for Viruses.” How do I schedule a smartscan with Avast Premier?

  7. Stuart Reply

    Iv set an end of day scan , and Shut down PC on completion, is Avast limited to Only option being “shutdown”, I’d like to be able to have log off as an option, but I don’t see that anywhere ?
    Perhaps I should request an update from avast if it isn’t an option
    Kind regards .,… Stuart

  8. Emily Reply

    I just got Avast and set it to do a full system scan daily at 11:30 PM (23:30) and I checked the box that says “Wake up the system to start the scan (if in sleep mode)”. However, the scans don’t seem to be happening, and instead happen sometime after I start using the computer in the morning. Is there any way that I can fix this problem?

  9. Gretchen Reply

    I accidentally scheduled 3 different automatic scans. How do I delete the other 2? Or will Avast just go with the last scheduled scan set up?

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