It’s not even six months and AVAST announced another acquisition. At the end of April, AVAST bought a German start-up specializing on Facebook security. This time AVAST caught a company from the United States called Jumpshot.

Jumpshot is a start-up which developed a simple software for speeding-up computers running on Windows (i.e. PC optimization software). But their software isn’t the only value they have. It’s their unique design including plenty of minions with funny names like Kobayashi, Sir Jeffrey, Holmes, and many others. Just check the Jumpshot website and you’ll see what we’re talking about. Really cool!

Jumpshot Minions vs. Digital Evil (viruses, spyware, trialware, pop-ups, bloated toolbars, etc.)Jumpshot Minions vs. Digital Evil (viruses, spyware, trialware, pop-ups, bloated toolbars, etc.)

Jumpshot Features Include

  • Speed Up – Removes all unnecessary stuff slowing down your computer
  • Clean Up – Removes viruses, spyware, trialware, pop-ups, bloated toolbars, etc.
  • Easy to Use – No install, no questions, everything is explained for non-techie users
  • Crowd Intelligence – Software is using it’s community to be even more effective in making decisions

How does Jumpshot Work?

All magic is placed on a single USB flash drive which represents each of the Jumpshot’s minions. You just need to insert the USB stick into your PC, and restart it. System should automatically boot the system on the USB drive, and launch the Jumpshot interface. Plus you can always use the USB as a standard portable storage with 8 GB, or 32 GB capacity.

Jumpshot USB Flash Drives - Kobayashi, Officer Pete, and Sir JeffreyJumpshot USB Flash Drives – Kobayashi, Officer Pete, and Sir Jeffrey

Pricing is as follows (please note this is a Jumpshot’s model, there are no information about pricing model under AVAST)

  • Single scan for $19
  • Unlimited scans on 5 PCs for $59 / year
  • Unlimited scans on 25 PCs for $149 / year
  • Unlimited scans on unlimited PCs for $269 / year
  • All prices are prime numbers 😉

Trick is that Jumpshot is basically a Linux software which cleans the Windows while they aren’t running.

Company Background, Integration into avast! Antivirus

Whole Jumpshot project has been funded through Kickstarter and raised more than $160,000 in July 2012. Company itself started in 2010 and was founded by two security experienced guys David Endler, and Pedram Amini. Both worked for iDefense (which has been later acquired Verisign), and TippingPoint (which has been later acquired HP). Then they have founded Jumpshot which just got acquired by AVAST.

According to the official press release, AVAST should integrate Jumpshot into it’s antivirus software by end of this year. We all can’t wait to see the Jumpshot feature available via avast! Free Antivirus. However we can still only guess about the pricing model. Considering Jumpshot itself is quite expensive (single scan costs the same as avast! Internet Security upgrade from Free Antivirus), it probably won’t be for free.

Sources: Official avast! Press Release, Official avast! Blog Post

Written by Paul B.

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