Avast antivirus appeared in the popular TV show about hacking Mr. Robot broadcast on the USA Network. In the sixth episode called br4ve-trave1er.asf the exploit has been blocked by Avast.

Elliot tries to hack the prison’s network by putting a malware on the USB stick and dropping it on the prison’s parking lot. Prison’s guard found the stick and inserted it into the computer. However the malware got caught by Avast! That’s pretty impressive considering the malware has been created by the master-hacker Eliot himself 🙂

Anyway you can read the interesting interview with Avast research about this episode on the official Avast blog – Mr. Robot Review: br4ve-trave1er.asf.

If you are not watching the show yet, we definitely recommend doing so! Even though if you are not into computers at all. Current rating on IMDb is outstanding – 9.2!

Below are the actual screen-caps from the scene:

Malware Has Been Blocked by Avast Pop-upMalware Has Been Blocked by Avast Pop-up

Eliot is Wondering "Malware detection must have caught it"Eliot is Wondering “Malware detection must have caught it”

Source: Official Avast Blog

Written by Paul B.

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