Avast Software Updater is a great feature which monitors if your other software (browser, Adobe Reader, Java, etc.) is up-to-date. Keeping all your software running on the latest version is really essential to keep your computer invulnerable.

However the way how often it tells you about the ‘Important updates’ may be a bit obtrusive. Yes, we are talking about the yellow pop-up notification saying ‘Important updates for some programs are ready for installation. Show updates‘.


Luckily there is a really simple way how to disable this pop-up notification completely. And for free without any upgrade. Works for all Avast products (Free Antivirus, Pro Antivirus, Internet Security and Premier).

1. Open your Avast and go to ‘Settings‘ » ‘Tools‘. Find ‘Software Updater‘ item and click on ‘Customize‘.


2. Once the Software Updater Settings window will open, simply un-check the option ‘Notifications (popups) enabled‘ and confirm by clicking on the ‘OK‘ button.


3. That’s all. From now one you shouldn’t see any more ‘Important updates’ pop-ups. However we still strongly recommend to keep all your software updated and scan for outdated software regularly with Avast Software Updater.

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Written by Paul B.

My name is Paul and I love Avast since the Home Edition v4.8 (2008). I am recommending it to all my friends, but I realized they don't know how to use it. So I started this site in order to help others getting maximum from this awesome antivirus. Feel free to contact me via Facebook, comments below or this form.

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