UPDATE: We have released a dedicated article describing avast! and Windows 8 / 8.1 compatibility issues. Containing also solutions/fixes to resolve them. You can find it here or in the top menu.

Apparently lot of avast! users are having compatibility issues after upgrading operating system to Windows 8.1. What usually happens is that avast! will completely disappears, and Windows will start saying you’re not protected. Then you’re being offered a Windows Defender, which is better than nothing but definitely not that good as avast! antivirus.

Download avast! Internet Security 2014

Luckily we have a simple fix for you. All you have to do is to get the latest avast! antivirus 2014 (version 9) which is fully compatible, and even certified to work on the Windows 8.1. Procedure depends whether you have already upgraded to Windows 8.1 (see point 1), or if you’re still running on some of it’s previous versions where avast! is working fine (see point 2).

1) Already Upgraded to Windows 8.1

If you have already upgraded to Windows 8.1 your avast! probably disappeared completely or it’s having a compatibility issues. Follow these steps to get avast! back working, and protecting your computer

  1. If you have any other antivirus software installed (e.g. Windows Defender), uninstall it
  2. Download the latest version of avast! – Free Antivirus, Pro Antivirus, Internet Security, or Premier
  3. Install it using our guide ‘How to Install avast! Free Antivirus 2014
  4. That’s it, avast! version 2014 is fully compatible with the Windows 8.1

2) Still Running on Windows 8

If you’re still running on Windows 8, and you’re just about to upgrade to Windows 8.1 update your avast! antivirus first to avoid any future compatibility issues. Simplified steps are listed below or you can check our full guide ‘How to Update Your avast! Antivirus to 2014

  1. Open your avast! user interface
  2. Go to ‘Maintanance’ tab
  3. Click on the button ‘Update Program’
  4. After the update process will finish, restart your computer
  5. That’s it, you can now safely upgrade to Windows 8.1

This solution is however available only for the core products – avast! Free Antivirus, avast! Pro Antivirus, avast! Internet Security, and avast! Premier. If you’re running any of the avast! corporate products – avast! Endpoint Protection (Plus), avast! Endpoint Protection Suite (Plus), or avast! (File/Email) Server Protection, you have to wait for an official program update. According to Che Johnson at Official avast! Forum, Head of EDU Support at AVAST, such update should be available within a month or so.

Written by Paul B.

My name is Paul and I love Avast since the Home Edition v4.8 (2008). I am recommending it to all my friends, but I realized they don't know how to use it. So I started this site in order to help others getting maximum from this awesome antivirus. Feel free to contact me via Facebook, comments below or this form.

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  1. Adrian Daniel Reply

    I am having a problem with Avast Endpoint Protection Suite Plus and installing on a windows 8.1 laptop it keeps crashing the laptop should i redownload the avast file directly from your website and use that file instead of the file i currently have which is more than a year old?

  2. Sandy Reply

    I bought a years subscription to Avast for 3 computers in Aug 2014. I now have a new computer which supports Windows 8.1. I downloaded the trial Avast Premier but am unable to figure out how to insert my license file in the program. The instructions given to me advised me to find the file ‘License.avastlic’ but I cannot seem to locate it. How can I get the full version that I paid for on my new computer?

  3. Avast Antivirus Reply

    avast will not install at all in windows 10 technical preview for enterprise.

  4. Rajinder Singh Reply

    Well I have found something. I have got key upto 2099!!!! Yes 2099. Please let me know if it can be posted here…

  5. Rajinder Singh Reply

    Thanks for your response. I have am just wondering if the older version can be made compatible for windows 8.1 ? Also I saw in a different forum a key was cracked that was showing valid until 2095. damn!!!!. Can u please get me a key then. Sorry I am unable to find one here.

    Thank you. !!!

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